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Please note all locations are currently for the Cathedral.

Please see guidelines regarding COVID-19.

8:00AM Sunday

The Traditional Holy Mass. We welcome all members and visitors.

9:30AM Sunday

The Comptemporary Holy Mass. We welcome all members and visitors.

11:15AM Sunday

The Traditional Holy Mass at our Tripp Park Chapel. We welcome all members and visitors.

Because of some new guide lines and recommendations from the CDC and Pennsylvania Department of Health, we will be making some revisions at Sunday Mass.

  • If you are vaccinated, masks are optional. If you are NOT vaccinated, masks are required.
  • Hand sanitizers will be readily available for all of us to use.
  • Families and friends who are vaccinated can now sit together in the same pew.
  • We will keep the ribbons to have some social distancing.
  • Distribution of Holy Communion has returned to its usual place during Mass and we will continue receiving only the host with hand sanitizing between distribution.
  • As more people and children are vaccinated, things can return to “normal.”

We at the Cathedral are doing our part to return to the holy work of the Church while keeping safe all our parishioners as they participate in this essential activity.

Please join with others of your Cathedral family at any of the three Masses celebrated at the Cathedral and Tripp Park Chapel each Sunday to praise and glorify God in his holy place to the extent each of you feels you are able to do.  We recognize that each parishioner has his own level of risk tolerance, and that level must be respected by everyone.

God bless you all as our Cathedral Parish reawakens and re-enlivens. 

Please return here for Mass, to join us finally in these restorative efforts within our Parish.

Worship Aids

Order of Service Materials

Worship Aids for attending Holy Mass

Worship Aid Download

We will provide weekly downloads for use when attending Holy Mass.

St. Stanislaus Cathedral - LIVE

During COVID-19 or being home-bound, you can participate in the P.N.C.C. mass as a Facebook or Youtube Livestream. 

Liturgy of the Word in Preparation for Holy Mass with Prime Bishop

During COVID-19 or being home-bound, you can prepare for Holy Mass each Saturday at 4 pm with Prime Bishop Mikovsky.


Sunday Bulletins

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