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located in the “South Side” of Scranton, Pennyslvania

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'St. Stanislaus Parish' is
a family

“Faith, Family, and Friends” is a our unofficial motto but a phrase we tend to hold very dear and it permeates all we do.  As the first parish of the Polish National Catholic Church we are built on many wonderful traditions and are excited to share them with our community.  

St. Stanislaus Cathedral is the First Parish of the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC). It was formed in 1897 when Father Francis Hodur formed a new parish in the South Side of Scranton. Soon separated from the Roman Catholic Church, the PNCC enjoys religious freedom today. 

Although originally organized by Polish people, St. Stanislaus no longer simply serves Polish people.


Early Beginnings

Formed by Father Francis Hodur in 1897 to enjoy religious freedom.



Located in Scranton for 126 years  we have been a pillar in the community.



At any time we have at least 9 active organizations in our parish.

Bishop Anthony Mikovski, Father Janusz, Bishop Bernard Nowicki

Meet Our Pastoral Team

Learn more about our Pastor, Bishop Bernard Nowicki and the Assistant Pastor Father Janusz.

An organization For Everyone

Get Involved and Grow

Built on years of tradition or a starting out a new idea, our organizations are not set in their ways.  Here are just a few ways to get involved….

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (ANS)

This uniquely woman only organization in our Parish, the ANS woman are the caretakers of the sanctuary and altar.

Young Men's Society of the Resurrection (YMS of R)

This group is open to all the men in the Parish. Lending a hand is what this group is all about and they welcome those who like to be part of “getting the job done”.

United Youth Association

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Music plays a large part in our Parish. If you have no experience or years of experience, we welcome anyone to sing with our choir at various services and events throughout the year.
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"The Cathedral is active all year round. It really is non-stop in a beautiful way.”
LuAnn Kaszuba

“I grew up in this church and I can easily say, I call this my home.”

Fred Aebli – Parish Committee Chairperson

people coming together

our early beginnings

Parish Committee


The parish is built on the desire of immigrants from Poland who yearned for freedom and “self-rule”.  The mines and factories of the Pennsylvania Northeast, amongst other regions, began to ring with the voices of Polish men and women building a new life on the foundation of their freedom-loving ancestors.

From this was a born journey that would overcome many hurdles. 

It is a human story of those who labored, prayed, suffered, often disagreed, but who finally, with God’s assistance endured in their faith experience.  They have passed to each succeeding generation a legacy summarized in these words:




Oct, 1896

A newly formed parish commitee purchased 3 lots on Locust Street with the goal of building a new church.

March, 1897

Father Francis Hodur, the pastor of the Holy Trinity Polish Roman Catholic Church in Nanticoke, Pennsylvania, accepted the people’s call to be the spiritual leader of the new Polish parish of Saint Stanislaus in the South Side of Scranton

July 4th, 1897

Father Hodur would bless the cornerstone of the new parish.

History of our founder

Bishop Franscizek Hodur

Our founder is considered a visionary leader who forged our Parish here in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  His vision included building a democratic church where the members have a say in how it will grow and reach out to the community.

A historical Cathedral

Explore the atomosphere in this House of God

Be A part of the parish

Become a member at any time. 

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