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Mass Times

Please note locations.

8:00AM Sunday

The Traditional Holy Mass. We welcome all members and visitors.

9:30AM Sunday

The Comptemporary Holy Mass. We welcome all members and visitors.

11:15AM Sunday

The Traditional Holy Mass celebrated at Cathedral Chapel, Our Savior, Tripp Park. We welcome all members and visitors.

Worship Aids

In Home Materials

Worship Aids for those who are unable to attend Holy Mass due to COVID-19

Worship Aid Download

During COVID-19 we will provide weekly downloads for use in your home.

Advent Wreath

View Online Liturgies

During COVID-19 or being home-bound, you can participate in the P.N.C.C. mass with Prime Bishop Mikovsky and shared on Youtube.


Sunday Bulletins

During COVID-19 bulletin production has been limited.
We will return to producing them as we re-open further.

Bulletin Download

Bulletins are not available for download at this time.



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