The Parish Committee is one of the essential governing bodies within the whole of the Polish National Catholic Church. This is a key area in which the democratic principles of the PNCC is present. According to the PNCC Constitution Article V Section 5, “The Parish Committee of this Parish shall consist of the Pastor, a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, and not less than three (3) Directors, unless otherwise prescribed by law, all of whom shall be members, in good standing, of this Parish.” Also, “the Officers and Directors of this Parish shall be elected at the annual Parish meeting to hold office for the ensuing year and until others are chosen and qualified in their stead.”

The 2018 St. Stanislaus Cathedral Parish Committee:
Pastor- Rt. Rev. Bernard Nowicki
Asst. Pastor – Fr. Janusz
Chairman- Ed Borek
1st Vice Chairman – Fred Aebli
2nd Vice Chairman – Mark Matylewicz

Don Blackledge, Carol Nasser, Joe Nasser, Linda Seliga, Maria Hughes, Bernie Kalteski

Treasurer- Unassigned
Financial Secretary- Unassigned
Recording Secretary- June Sarnowski,
Office Manager – LuAnn Kaszuba

Discipleship within the Ministry of Parish Administration

The annual meeting of the St. Stanislaus parish will be held Sunday, March 3rd.   One of the items at this meeting is the election of the parish committee which is important in guiding the direction of our parish over the next 12 months or more.  Positions include Chairman, 1st and 2nd Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Secretary, and Directors.  Descriptions of these positions will appear in future bulletins and on our website.  Please take a moment to consider joining this team for the 2019-2020 term.  Any questions regarding requirements and responsibilities can be directed to a current committee member.

Chairman – The role of the Chairman is to preside over the monthly Parish Committee meeting and oversee all administrative activities in the Parish office.  In the past, the position has often required the Chairman to be comfortable with maintenance and care of the Parish properties.  This is not a requirement of the position as these matters can be handled through various skilled professionals and volunteers.  Responsible for the management of our full-time maintenance workers. The time required for this position is 4 hours a week but can fluctuate when necessary.

Vice Chairman 1 & 2 – These roles work alongside each other as they carry out various administrative tasks and handle the planning and execution of committee tasks.  These officers also participate in Sunday collection counting as scheduled with the Directors.  The time for this position is 3 hours per week but can fluctuate when necessary.  Oversee Stewardship Pledge Program. Projected time required is 3 hours per week.  Attend monthly meeting of parish committee on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

Treasurer – The role of this person has changed dramatically within our parish with less hours required to perform the duties of this position than previous treasurers.  Person should have accounting or business management background.  Person will oversee the recording and reporting of the parish financial obligations; oversee planning of future financial responsibilities and enact financial activities approved by the parish committee.   Projected time required is 3 hours per week. Attend monthly meeting of parish committee on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

  • Make sure investment reports are up to date and distributed accordingly
  • Plan for the quarterly payments to PNCC and diocese
  • Ensure paperwork is up to date for reporting to committee
  • Ensure reports are prepared for timely financial reviews
  • Direct questions from staff to appropriate people for answers
  • Work with Parish Book Keeper and assist with any clarifications regarding Parish financial activities
  • Make deposits

    Recording Secretary – Responsible for keeping the minutes of the Parish Committee meetings.  Receives and responds to correspondences directed to the Parish.  Works with the Parish Office Manager in matters regarding parish membership.   Projected time required is 2 hours per week.  Attend monthly meeting of parish committee on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

    Financial Secretary – Will assist the full time Office Manager with matters pertaining to financial record keeping (filing), tracking parish membership, and working with the Stewardship Pledge Program.  They will organize and schedule the Assistant Financial Secretaries.  Projected time required is 2 hours per week. Attend monthly meeting of parish committee on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

    Assistant Financial Secretary – These are non-committee member positions responsible for the financial data entry on Sunday morning.   Elected volunteers work with the Treasurer regarding the recording of financial data on a scheduled basis typically every 4-5 weeks.

    Director – Attend monthly meetings held 3rd Tuesday of every month at which you will be required to participate in decision making for the parish, planning for the future direction of the parish, and provide constructive input to make projects successful.  Also required to work in the parish office approximately 3 Sundays a year, until noon, to assist parishioners with questions, welcome new members, tally and review contributions.  Projected time required is 1 hours per week.  Attend monthly meeting of parish committee on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

    Envelope Committee – These are non-committee member positions.  Review and tally weekly envelope contributions and ensure contributions are directed to the appropriate fund.  Requires approx.  1 hour per week.

    Financial Reviewer (constitution refers to them as Auditor) – These are non-committee member positions.  Requires a quarterly meeting of approx. 2-3 hours to review the transactions and financial accounts of the parish for the purpose of having open financial records to our parishioners.   There are 4-5 auditors who meet as a group to perform the review.