Saint Stanislaus Cathedral Scranton Pennsylvania

Saint Stanislaus Cathedral located in the South Side of Scranton

St. Stanislaus Cathedral is the First Parish of the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC). It was formed in 1897 when Father Francis Hodur formed a new parish in the South Side of Scranton. Soon separated from the Roman Catholic Church, the PNCC enjoys religious freedom today.  Although originally organized by Polish people, St. Stanislaus no longer simply serves Polish people.

All are welcome and encouraged to join us.


Our Pastoral Staff

Get to know the Pastoral Staff at our Cathedral.

Founder and History

St. Stanislaus has stood on this location for over 100 years.  Our faith and devotion to Christ has led us to this point.  Learn more about our founder and how we got to this point.

Parish Organizations

The core element of our Parish is our organizations.  From youth to adult we strive to develop grace, fellowship, and a commitment to helping the community both locally and around the world.

Chapel at Tripp Park

Our chapel located in the Tripp Park section of Scranton is another opportunity for us to welcome in the community.  The setting is more intimate and offers a different venue for those unable to attend the services at the Cathedral.