St. Stanislaus Cathedral
School of Christian Living

Opening Day

Sept 23rd – 10:45am

Do you worry about your child’s path to a successful future?

We all know that today’s world is fraught with pitfalls that endanger that future. A strong Christian education can lay the foundation that will guide our young people to lead successful, happy, safe lives with God. The School of Christian Living at St. Stanislaus Cathedral can help prepare them for a successful future.

Your child will be taught to

  • Develop wholesome values.
  • Develop respectful behavior.
  • Recognize and resist evil.
  • Meet other Christian children who share the same values.
  • Learn how to care for others.
  • Know of God and his love.
  • Rely on God, always.
  • Biblical truths.

Enroll Today!

If you are interested in helping your child to develop into a strong, motivated, God-centered person, we invite you to let us know.

There is no commitment needed at this time, just an expression of your desire to
know more about our program.

School of Christian Living Flyer For Younger Kids