Most Reverend Francis Hodur (b. 1866, d. 1953)

Bishop Hodur

Pastor 1897-1949

Most Reverend Francis Hodur was the organizer of the Polish National Catholic Church. Plenty of information is contained within the “About Us” page of this website. He served as Pastor of St. Stanislaus Cathedral from its inception in 1897 until the 8th Synod of the PNCC, when Rt. Rev. John Misiaszek was elected to replace Bishop Hodur as pastor and head of the Central Diocese because of his advanced age in 1949. Bishop Hodur continued to serve the church as Prime Bishop until his death in 1953.

Right Reverend John Misiaszek

Bishop Misiaszek

Pastor 1949-1954

Bishop John Misiaszek was presented to the synod by Bishop Hodur as his choice to become the new Pastor of St. Stanislaus Cathedral and Bishop Ordinary of the Central Diocese. Upon the election of the 8th Synod, Father John Misiaszek was consecrated and installed as Pastor and Diocesan Bishop on November 6, 1949. On October 10, 1954, it was announced by the Supreme Council that Bishop Misiaszek was leaving his responsibilities as Diocesan Bishop and Pastor.

Right Reverend Joseph Lesniak

Pastor 1954-1955

Bishop Lesniak served as Pastor of the Cathedral for only a short time, from November 13, 1954 until February 28, 1955. It was during his time when the English language started to take hold at St. Stanislaus, with the purchase of 500 English Mass Books taking place during his short Pastorate.

Most Reverend Leon Grochowski

Bishop Grochowski

Pastor 1955-1968

Upon the death of Prime Bishop Francis Hodur in 1953, Bishop Leon Grochowski of the Western Diocese was appointed Prime Bishop of the Polish National Catholic Church. It took a little while, but at a program and reception on February 28, 1955, Prime Bishop Leon Grochowski became pastor of St. Stanislaus Cathedral. He served as Pastor during a difficult time of this Parish with the adjustments were still being made upon the death of Bishop Hodur and the exit of Bishop Misiaszek. He served as pastor of the Cathedral until February 20, 1968 when he named Father Senior Anthony Rysz the new pastor.

Right Reverend Anthony Rysz

Pastor 1968-1999

Father Senior Rysz was appointed as Pastor of the Cathedral after he was elected, but before he was consecrated as a Bishop.  On June 26, 1968 Father Senior Rysz was consecrated to the Episcopacy and was formally installed as Bishop of the Central Diocese on October 18, 1970.  During his long pastorate, he oversaw many changes not only to the Cathedral Parish but to the Central Diocese as well.  He was also the Pastor of the Cathedral during the funerals of a number of Bishops, including former pastors Prime Bishop Grochowski and Bishop Misiaszek.  Bishop Rysz served as Pastor until the mandatory retirement age in the PNCC of 75.

Right Reverend Casimir Grotnik

Pastor 1999-2005

Father Senior Casimir Grotnik was elected to be consecrated Bishop of the Central Dioces at the Special Synod of 1999 that took place at St. Stanislaus Cathedral.  Consecrated with Bishop Jan Dawidziuk, he took the place of longtime Pastor Bishop Anthony Rysz.  Bishop Grotnik served as Pastor of St. Stanislaus Cathedral and head of the Central Diocese until his sudden death in December of 2005.

Most Reverend Robert M. Nemkovich

Pastor 2005-2006

Bishop Robert Nemkovich was the Prime Bishop of the Polish National Catholic Church when Bishop Casimir Grotnik passed away in early December 2005. He immediately named himself Pastor of St. Stanislaus Cathedral and Bishop Ordinary of the Central Diocese. He served in this capacity until November 30, 2006 when his assistant pastor at the time, Rev. Anthony Mikovsky, was consecrated to the Episcopacy.

Right Reverend Anthony A. Mikovsky

Paster 2006-2011

Rt. Rev. Anthony A. Mikovsky was consecrated on November 30, 2006 at St. Stanislaus Cathedral.  Having previously served as Assistant Pastor at St. Stanislaus, he was well-equipped to be appointed the Bishop Ordinary of the Central Diocese and Pastor of St. Stanislaus Cathedral.  More information about Bishop Mikovsky can be found at

Right Reverend John E. Mack

Pastor 2011-2012

Rt. Rev. John E. Mack, took the helm of the Central Diocese of the PNCC, as well as the mother church of the PNCC, St. Stanislaus Bishop and Martyr Cathedral, on February 1, 2011. Bishop Mack was Consecrated on November 30, 2006. He was elected Bishop at the 21st General Synod of the PNCC in October of 2006, assigned as Bishop of the Central Diocese, and was Consecrated on November 30, 2006. Bishop Mack had served for four years as the auxiliary bishop of the Buffalo-Pittsburgh Diocese and had been longtime pastor of Holy Trinity Parish in Washington, Pennsylvania. Bishop Mack was born and raised in the Polish National Catholic Church in the greater Detroit area attended the University of Michigan, and attended Savonarola Theological Seminary in Scranton, where he was ordained. Bishop Mack and his wife Sherry have three children.

Right Reverend Bernard Nowicki

Rt Rev Bernard NowickiPastor 2012-Present

You can learn all about our current pastor here.