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Mass Times

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** NEXT WEEK July 8th – No Mass will be celebrated at the Cathedral Chapel, Tripp Park, as the Second Sunday Picnic Mass is scheduled for 11:00 that morning at the Cathedral Cemetery.

The Mass scheduled for 8:00 am at the Cathedral will be celebrated as a quiet Mass in the lower chapel of the Cathedral.

Sunday Mass Times (unless a change is noted)

8:00 am – Traditional Holy Mass
9:30 am –
Contemporary Holy Mass
11:15 am – Traditional Holy Mass at Our Savior Chapel in Tripp Park

Daily Mass   


Monday, July 9
8:30 am – Mass of the day

Tuesday, July 10
8:30 am – Mass of the day

Wednesday, July 11
8:30 am – Mass of the day

Thursday, July 12
8:30 am – Healing Mass

Friday, July 13
8:30 am – Mass of the day

Saturday, July 14
8:30 am – sp. Anna Stets by Mr. & Mrs. Michael Repecki

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